summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Worthy of BONUS Status

Yesterday morning, Glenn called out to me to quickly look out the window.

Two bucks were scrimmaging in the pasture just below the house. (Note: My best video would not download.)

I quietly moved to the deck outside.  They looked up, but they did not run off.


They were so remarkable to watch.  Occasionally, they would both stop and look around to make sure they were still ‘safe’.  I could hear the soft blows as both sets of antlers met.


I see deer all the time - mostly does and fawns, a chance buck.  But, I have never seen two bucks, in my actual view shed, skirmish.  


I will add this event to my ‘bonus’ list.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Morning Surprise

Glenn returned from checking the flerd this morning, as he does every morning.
But, today, he wanted me to go back out with him and see something.  I put on my winter coat, knitted hat/scarf combo and grabbed a pair of gloves.  I was overdressed.
This fall morning was warm and sunny. Not a breeze stirred.  Beauty at its best!
As we walked toward the pasture where the flerd currently grazed, I was glad to up and out enjoying one of the last fabulous days of this season.  The weather was sure to turn and stay cold soon. (But, I have been wrong in the past.) The dogs followed making the trek team complete.
Then, Glenn pointed and I looked.  Two brand new lambs.  What?  Our lambing begins in April and ends in June.  What a surprise!
Eyes closed.  Mama ewe is covered with burrs like all of our sheep. 
These guys were the typical babies...wanting to sleep and eat and sleep again.
Eyes open.
We have just finished our fall calving with our newest (most recent purchase) heifers, so these guys will fit right in.
What I would like to know is when did we change from one calving/lambing season in the spring to two - spring and fall?  Where have I been?