summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Animal Tracks

Last evening we had a welcomed thunderstorm.  My gardens are happy…for the moment.


In addition, I had the pleasure to discover several different animal tracks, their impressions in the soft earth, on this morning’s walk.


I first came upon turkey tracks - a first ever for me. I hear a lot of turkey and, on occasion, I see a lot of turkey, but I had never come upon turkey tracks before today.  Seeing those turkey tracks was one of those ‘little things’ that adds joy to my life.


 Deer tracks, which are common here on the farm, were in abundance.


 Opossum was next…little hand-like imprints - so cute.

All these animals wandered along the same trail I regularly walk with the dogs.  We shared our space with each other, living in harmony.  How interesting!


Then, I noticed that both the dogs and I left our tracks as we walked.


I wonder…will the wild animals find our tracks interesting? 



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Day

Sunday, we scheduled a Family Day.


Matt was home for the holiday.  Becky’s birthday is later in the week.  With full family attendance, we decided to spend the day doing something fun and less routine and together.  Therefore, we all opted to leave the farm proper, to save us from luring ourselves into a waiting chore, and go canoeing.


Actually, the kids, adult kids nonetheless, decided.  So, we loaded up two canoes into the back of the pick-up, gathered up the necessary paraphernalia (paddles, lifejackets, towels, sunscreen, boating shoes) and took off for our destination, the Maury River.

unloading the canoes at the put-in

Matt and Becky seized the newer, shorter canoe.  Glenn and I got stuck with his near antique aluminum Grumman which is much longer and literally grabs rocks located near the surface of the river causing the canoe to stop forward progress and/or pivot in the current. The newer canoe model, an Old Town with ABS hull and also outdated as canoes go, just glides over these exposed interferences and continues without pause.


The river was low.  There were many rocks above the surface or just inches below.   And, our canoe kept grabbing those troublesome rocks in every little rapid we encountered.


Fortunately, despite the equipment challenge, the day was a perfect Family Day.


We all had fun paddling the peaceful, flowing river from the Rockbridge Baths put-in to our take-out at Copper Road.  The day was comfortable, quiet and bugless.  The water, a bit cool, was enticing enough for the kids to take swims from time to time.  I personally waded to my waist and then could not walk back the few feet to shore because the rocks lining the river bottom were slimy and slick causing me to slide further down into a deep hole along the shore.  I was near taking an unplanned swim when Glenn came to my rescue before I fell in and helped pull me up to the solid and dry shore.


The river is totally tree-lined and private except for a few weekend homes which all seemed to be vacant (odd for a holiday weekend) during our travel. 


The wildlife was sparse.  We did manage to see a few waterfowl like one Canadian goose, three ducks and a couple of soaring osprey along with a few fish and a deer. 


The sun was just the right temperature, air movement still.


The canoe trip was my idea of success.  If I do not flip over in the canoe, the trip is always considered a success in my mind.

take-out at Copper Road

We ended the day with dinner at a local restaurant.  No dirty dishes for me…


              another check in the success column.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Flat Tire

Glenn and I recently drove over to Becky's house.  Glenn was making the turn too sharp and I tried to warn him.  Too late...sizzzzz!!! Glenn blew out the side of one tire on a rough, exposed edge of an old and useless metal cattle guard, on a brand new tire no less, and he did not have his jack.  Becky was not at home, so we could not use her jack.  So, Glenn used what he had available...


Well, it worked!  What more can I say, except...

the spare was very low on air. 

Fortunately, we made it to the service station for air and tire repair.

Like I mentioned, I tried to warn him.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Perfect Spring

The days continue to progress in a ‘perfect’ spring season bloom fest due, primarily, to our frequent April showers.  This is not always the case.  So, I am overjoyed with our amazing spring.


The earliest flower blooms, mainly daffodils and tulips, have faded leaving only foliage spears and are now giving way to candytuft,  creeping phlox,  wisteria and more.
white candytuft with sea pink
creeping phlox
Each flower is unique, fabulous and a joy. A stroll among the blooms is such a pleasure...simple and sweet. And, I cannot forget the wildflowers that add seasonal color to the brown of the nearby forest understory adjacent to my garden proper.

wild lady's slipper

wild trillium

My wisteria, a disappointment last season with only one lonely bloom, has returned to its glory as the perennial is covered with hundreds, maybe thousands of lavender, pendulous and very fragrant blossoms.  I pass this bee-infested (the bees know what is sweet) fountain as much as possible adoring both the scent and sight.   

my wisteria in full glory enhanced by moneyplant beneath
An iris, transplanted into my garden last year, is the first iris to bloom in my all my flower beds.  How appropriate that it is the newbie.  The deep and bold gold garners my attention from both the near side and the far side of the yard. 


Getting ready, by show of a hint of color peeking from their swollen flower buds, to burst are other beautiful perennials:  rosy azalea, purple rhododendron, violet spiderwort, pink soapwort and many others. The flowers just keep coming - hip hip hurray!


Each day is decorated with a new, colorful bloom. And the scents are ethereal...take a long, deep breath - the sweetness is intoxicating.


The magic component is rain; simple, unadulterated rain.