summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Outcome You Want?

Today is the day before the 2016 United States Presidential Election.  Personally, I feel,no matter who wins, that the United States is going to be in for big changes and these changes are not going to be good...for anybody.  Call me a pessimist, but I have been following the political scene for years.  I probably am more enlightened than a lot of the US population.  So, I am prepared in a way, yet I am not prepared at all.  I do see some hope, but that hope will depend on all of us working together to get back to common sense, basic morality and downright love for each other.  That will be a tall mountain to climb, but it is possible.  Can we do it?  Only you can answer for yourself. 

That being said, I went out on my usual walk to absorb as much natural beauty as I am able.  The farm, the surrounding mountains, the blue sky, the setting sun did not disappoint.  I was at peace…at least for the moment.

A few days ago, my walk was so very quiet.  I did not see, or hear, any birds. Not one.  I returned home with no new photos documenting the tranquility.  It was odd.

This afternoon, thank goodness, a few birds accompanied me along my journey.  I was content.

A world without birds (fill in the blank with your own fancy) is not complete.  Either is a world without family, friends, love, security, dreams, peace, goodwill, food, health, freedom, …

Will my world be complete on Wednesday? Or the day after? Ever again?

I truly hope so!

Enjoy a look at today’s feathered friends…peace!

Friday, November 4, 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, my lovely specimen of a sugar maple tree in my yard was full of brightly-colored red and orange leaves – an iconic autumn view.

Last night we had a sprinkling of rain. We
actually need inches as we have been dry for over one month.  Unfortunately, we must have had a bit of wind, too.

This morning I looked out my kitchen window to that same maple and saw a naked-branched tree. What the heck! The leaves were actually still there but, instead of on the tree, the leaves covered the ground beneath the tree.  On the down side, I already miss the blazing glory high in my tree. Yet, on a positive note, this was my opportunity to take my annual crunch walk through the downed leaves. I love the sound of dried leaves crunching under foot.

This is a perfect life’s lesson…enjoy each and every moment as you do not know what the future will bring.  I knew the leaves would eventually fall off, but not so fast and not so complete.

There are still many trees in color and just about as many already sporting their bare branches common to the winter season. 

I faithfully make a conscious effort to enjoy the autumn splendor before I eventually say, “There is always next year.”

Just a bit advice…do not wait until next year, take advantage of every moment now!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October...Did Not Disappoint

My favorite month, October, has ended.  As always, I enjoyed every day, every moment.

October 1, 2016 - greens of summer are about to change

The days were warm, sunny and comfortable.  My daily walks with my best two buds were relaxing. The atmosphere was peaceful.  The colors of the deciduous trees started out with their summer green foliage and ended with a magical change.  The ending hues are a bit on the muted side this fall, but nonetheless, spectacular.   

mid-October  lovely muted sage greens highlighted with some squash-orange

 I believe October 31st proved to be ‘peak’ for us autumn color aficionados.

the color change progresses

green heron staying a bit long into the season

The summer, exotics as I like to call them, birds have moved on.  I miss their diverse songs and calls, their presence.  I am already anticipating their return.  It will be interesting to see how many different species return to our farm which has become quite a bird sanctuary.

A two-day side trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a quick overnight stay with my son in Fayetteville was just the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’.  It was fabulous to be able to swim in a pool.  The water was as cool as our pond, but I did not have to worry about fish biting me…ahhhh!

October just could not get any better than this year’s, but then again, I think I say that every year.

As always, October did not disappoint and it remains my favorite month.

Today is the half way point between the start of fall and the start of the next season.

On toward… winter…ugh!