summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Friday, September 22, 2017


Autumn 2017 has arrived.  I am so happy as autumn is my favorite season.

Today, I took a short walk to enjoy the views and the feeling of the start of this beautiful season.

Each day holds a special place in my heart. And, I intend to enjoy each and every moment while I can.  

I suggest you all find that special place to enjoy! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Simple Beauty

Yesterday I accompanied Glenn on his daily farm chore of moving the cattle from one field to a fresh field.

I rarely do this as I am usually busy with my own tasks for the day.

Moving cattle is simple.  First, Glenn reconfigures a large pasture into a smaller one by strategically placing a temporary electric, one strand fence to create a boundary.  Then, he opens the gate between the two fields and the cattle slowly (if not very hungry) move onto the new, fresh grass.


grass is so tall that the electric fence wire is difficult to see

unreeling the electric fence wire...Why get off the 'mule' if I do not have to?

once the wire is reeled out,
Glenn turns around and places temporary fence posts to hold the wire
about 30" off the ground

This newly created field is located below the house and one which I look out onto every day, but never take my walks through that field. The grass is usually too tall and walking is difficult for me…not for cows.  My visits, over the years, to that exact location have been infrequent.

Being down in that field and observing the rest of the farm from a completely different viewpoint was amazing.  I got an entirely new perspective.

The farm is astonishingly beautiful.

I always thought so, but yesterday’s visit certainly verified that fact with clarity.

I am so lucky to call this special place home.

The evening ended with a fireworks show.  A nearby truck stop, about 2 miles away from us as the proverbial crow flies, was hosting a celebration.  We could hear the bangs, but could not see them from the house.  We jumped into the truck and drove down our driveway where the colorful drama was exploding just above the treetops between us and the event. 

It was as if we had our own personal fireworks display…what fun!

Definitely a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Peppers Perform

The garden harvest is disappointing this year…small in size and number. 

I work with what I get.

The peppers proved to be the best producers in the garden to date. 

I was able to freeze several baggies of diced peppers and can nine pints of pickled banana peppers.  Not a huge quantity, but just the right amount for our household’s annual consumption.

Glenn likes to add the green peppers to his breakfast omelets.  And, the pickled banana peppers are delicious as a sandwich condiment or ingredient in my homemade macaroni salad adding the perfect amount of tang.

The peppers are still producing, so we are able to have an adequate supply of fresh to use as needed, too.

Maybe, the garden yield is not as disappointing as I first thought. Meeting our needs is very satisfactory…wouldn’t you say?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who Put That There?

take a close you see the sunflower?

I just returned from a walkabout my perennial flower beds seeing how they were faring during these drought and hot days of July.  They have been better.

But, what I did notice, over and over again, is that many of my plants are those not planted personally by me.  At least, not in the spot where they are currently growing.

It seems as though many of my plants have walked from their original planting site to elsewhere throughout my garden.  Since they are green and alive, they will remain. Why waste such a beneficial opportunity.

One big surprise was a sunflower I just noticed growing in the field.

Now, mind you, I planted at least 21 sunflowers seeds along the side of the pole barn. Presently, there are only two growing.  Sunflowers are normally very easy to grow.


 But, there is that sunflower in the pasture that I know I did not plant.

A sunflower is a sunflower no matter where it growing.  And, I just have to smile every time I glance at it.

Who wouldn’t?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Amazing Flavor

The cupboard is just about bare.  The freezers, on the other hand, are full of meat.

But, I need more than meat to be satisfied.

I asked Glenn to go out and see if he could find some potatoes in the garden.  He did.

The potatoes are not big, they are still growing, but…

After one bite, my mouth and stomach were begging for more.  The flavor is big, robust, all fresh potato.

Unless you have eaten a freshly dug from the garden, freshly baked potato you have no concept of full potato flavor.


May I recommend...plant a potato or two in your garden next year. You will be amazed, too!

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Dog Days Are Here


Today's early morning sunrise...

July is definitely exhibiting the dog days of summer.  My walks have to be completed before 8:00 AM so that I take advantage of the coolest and most comfortable part of the day.  Any much later, not only do my dogs hang their tongues, but I think mine is hanging as well.

Quickly, the temps soar into the 90’s and are sunny, humid and HOT.  As the temperatures soar, my activity level dramatically plummets.  Outside endeavors are forbidden, self-imposed, of course. But, inside is not much better.  We have no AC.  Ceiling fans bring only very minimal relief as the hot air swirls around.

My garden is nearly as dry as Death Valley.  I water, as much as possible, in the evenings just to give my perennials and veggies some relief.  I am only trying to keep the plants alive until our next soaking rain which, at the moment, is absent from the short-term and long-term forecasts.

When I feel really uncomfortable, I usually take a drive.  My car has AC.  Unfortunately, my car is in the shop for a fuel pump replacement – ugh!

Glenn has been spending a lot of tractor time on the farms. I understand quite well…the tractor cab has AC.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Equipment

Glenn bought himself a new farm toy. And, this is the reason I drive an old car.  Farm procurements take priority over most anything for me.  After all, I am a hermit.  Why would I need a newer, not new, vehicle? The answer is simple…I don’t!

A super-duper headgate/chute portable cattle working area.  Check this thing out.  This is how it looks when being transported.

a happy farmer

The first thing on arrival, Snowball christened the behemoth with a pee to the tire.  I guess this apparatus met with his approval.  After all, dogs are pretty easy to satisfy.

Over thirty years ago when Glenn and I bought our first Virginia farm, Glenn made his first headgate and chute out of wood.  It worked. Not well, but it served its purpose.  When we moved to our second farm, we had a metal headgate permanently attached to the end of a wooden chute.  Glenn constructed that chute as well.  The factory-fabricated headgate was an improvement for us.

Today, we own this totally transportable, heavy-duty metal complete cattle working area. The bells and whistles are amazing. This is a plus for us since we raise cattle on three separate farms.

The theory is that one person can work (attach ear tags, pregnancy check, castrate, etc.) livestock without any other help.  And, that person can work with ease…on a cow, on a bull and even on a calf.  Even, a getting old person…Glenn.

Although this theory has yet to be tested on our farms, I am sure it will pass the test.

 Just as long as I am not the one person working the livestock.