summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Friday, September 20, 2013

She Has Done It Again...oink, oink, oink, oink

Yep, Becky has done it again…she has bought more pigs.


This time they are younger, smaller, and a lot more vocal as in squealers. But, they are so cute.


Yesterday, Becky purchased four Tamworth cross, 6 week old, piglets.  Now, her total equals six, future breeding , gilts.  She brought them home in the back of her pick-up.  Glenn helped her unload them, by hand, into her shed.  Ear-splitting squealing accompanied the process.


I have not been privy to pigs in my past.  I am amazed at how noisy they are.  They walk with a grunt, they stand with a grunt, they follow each other around with a grunt, they eat with loud, smacking and chewing and they drink with much slurping.  I have not seen them sleeping yet.


Now, my job is to name the six.  I can handle that task. Since all six have English breeding, I thought they deserved proper English names.  At the moment, no definite decisions have been made.  Any suggestions?

Hmmm…now where did I put that recipe book…

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This is not a new subject in our household.  In fact, the subject has come up annually for years.


That subject would be raising pigs.  Yes, pigs. 

And, the task of raising pigs is not new.  Glenn raised pigs during his high school 4-H years.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…that was soooo long ago; but, some things a person does not forget and that includes pig husbandry.  I hope!


But, this time…the one doing the raising is Becky.  Why not? She is raising chickens for eggs, cows for feeder calves and beef, sheep for lamb, and now…pigs for feeder pigs and pork.  


PORK!  I love pork.  I was raised on dumplings, gravy, sauerkraut and roast pork - the family’s favorite Sunday meal - nothing better.  My mouth is already watering in anticipation. 


So last night, Glenn, Becky, Becky’s friend Colby and I drove one hour to SEE the gilts (young females).  On arrival, we were met by the seller at the beginning of his driveway.  We followed him up the bumpiest, longest, most unpleasant driveway I ever rode on.  When we reached his home and small animal farm, I was so jarred that I did not think I could get out of the truck to walk around.  I did.

We looked at the gilts.  We looked at the week-old piglets - so cute!  We talked.  We looked at the gilts.


We, I mean Becky, returned with two gilts.  The beginnings of Becky’s pig farming.


As for me, I just want to eat pork!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Matt Back

Son Matthew has returned from overseas duty and is back in the States ...
Happy Days are here again - enough said!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Angel Wing Begonia

My friend Ann had a fabulous Angel Wing Begonia growing in a pot on her deck.
I asked for a cutting; and, this spring she handed me a pot with the beginnings of the begonia.
I transplanted the plant into a larger pot and placed the pot in the most protected corner of my deck.  I watered the plant as directed.  And, I watched the plant grow, slowly, during the summer.
This is my plant today. Isn't it gorgeous?

The patterned leaves and the fabulous 'pretty in pink' flowers really add a spark to a dark corner of our deck.
I am looking forward to enjoying this gem for many years to come. And, I will be thinking of Ann, all that time, too!  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Things....Good and Bad

The little things keep creeping back into my daily life.  An off color or a slight movement that is out of its element… grabs my attention.

Yesterday, on my morning walk, I noticed a small white flower blooming.  I had never seen this flower.  As I continued on my way home, I wondered why this little flower was growing in solo.  Today, in passing that same white flower, I took a more determined look.  That little flower was not growing alone, but it was in the company of several others. The small group of petite white flowering plants growing in the deep understory of the woods, rooted among the thick duff, was like a small oasis of hope - a bit of light surrounded by darkness.  That little white flower exhibited incredible strength.

Earlier during today’s walk, a slight movement along the gravel of the farm lane caught my eye. 

Gorgeous color combination!

A millipede.  I have not seen a millipede in a very long time…probably years.

This rotund, little critter moved quite quickly.  Why not?  Each segment has two pairs of legs. These legs stayed in motion.  The most impressive characteristic of my little friend was his color…just amazing!  My love of color is dominated with flowers, but it now includes creepy crawly arthropods.  

What is not small and inconspicuous this season is the obvious and abundant fall webworms.  The webs are everywhere.  I can look in any direction and I can see a ’nest’ of these caterpillars - uggggly! And, oh so damaging to the trees, shrubs and miscellaneous perennials.


I could have included many more photos, but I think you probably get the idea
of the size and abundance of these nuisances!


And, to add to my disdain of the webworms…the stink bugs are back.  For some reason they had taken a most welcomed hiatus during the summer. Unfortunately, they have returned.

Small wonders are like life…you have to take the good with the bad.