summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

He's Back

Yesterday was a RED-LETTER day for me…well, at least I made a notation, in pencil, in my calendar.

My Green Heron returned to our farm pond. YIPPEE! I love that little guy.  He made a quick appearance, as if to say, “I’m back!” and disappeared.

No great photo yet, but I did get a funny little silhouette, today, of the heron flying from his perch in the walnut tree.  He flew directly to the middle of the cattails and disappeared, again, from my sight. I come

That’s fine.  Just knowing that he is back, and hopefully here to stay through the summer, is outstanding.

I look forward to our daily interaction.  Little Green, as I call him, puts a smile on my face!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Timely Teals

Nearing the pond, I saw a bit of motion in the cattails.  Was it an ever-present blackbird?

No.  Another few steps closer, the movement took to flight…two ducks.  I was disappointed that I missed them on the pond.

But, that disappointment was short-lived.  The ducks circled the pond a few times and returned. Lucky me!

I was able to watch the pair for quite some time before I decided to take leave and let the ducks enjoy their time on the water.

Once back home, I had to go directly to my bird ID book.  I was at a loss at identification.  Ducks rarely visit our pond. 

These two were a Blue-winged Teal couple, migratory in my part of Virginia.  

I am glad that they decided to stop by our pond and I am glad that I timed my morning walk perfectly to meet these two. 

My life is full of wonder and surprise.  Today, Teals.  Tomorrow…