spring greens at Mountain Glen Farm

spring greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

He's Back

Yesterday was a RED-LETTER day for me…well, at least I made a notation, in pencil, in my calendar.

My Green Heron returned to our farm pond. YIPPEE! I love that little guy.  He made a quick appearance, as if to say, “I’m back!” and disappeared.

No great photo yet, but I did get a funny little silhouette, today, of the heron flying from his perch in the walnut tree.  He flew directly to the middle of the cattails and disappeared, again, from my sight. 

cattails...here I come

That’s fine.  Just knowing that he is back, and hopefully here to stay through the summer, is outstanding.

I look forward to our daily interaction.  Little Green, as I call him, puts a smile on my face!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Timely Teals

Nearing the pond, I saw a bit of motion in the cattails.  Was it an ever-present blackbird?

No.  Another few steps closer, the movement took to flight…two ducks.  I was disappointed that I missed them on the pond.

But, that disappointment was short-lived.  The ducks circled the pond a few times and returned. Lucky me!

I was able to watch the pair for quite some time before I decided to take leave and let the ducks enjoy their time on the water.

Once back home, I had to go directly to my bird ID book.  I was at a loss at identification.  Ducks rarely visit our pond. 

These two were a Blue-winged Teal couple, migratory in my part of Virginia.  

I am glad that they decided to stop by our pond and I am glad that I timed my morning walk perfectly to meet these two. 

My life is full of wonder and surprise.  Today, Teals.  Tomorrow…