summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Frankenstorm Sandy was  kind to us in our section of Virginia.  A bit of wind, not as much as I expected, and a bit of snow.
Today, that bit of snow has melted. 
But, what a good day for Glenn to start painting my entry hall (I have been waiting for months)...a yellowy-pumpkin kind of color. Guess the spirit finally moved him! 

And, as I said, 'started'.  After one coat, Glenn quickly found farm chores that needed his attention. In a blink, he was gone!
I may be waiting another few months for the second coat.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fairfield Condors

Today was the final game of the 2012 Rockbridge Area Recreation Association soccer season for the Condors; the 8-10 years old team that my daughter Becky coached.

parents in waiting...for the game to begin
Glenn and I finally attended a game; this game.  With all my whoopin’ and hollerin’, I am sure daughter Becky was pleased that I attended only one game.  I cannot help it…I get excited, I see good technique, I see bad technique…I let my emotions be known; quite vocally.

pregame warm-ups

 The parents of the players were unaware of my affiliation with the game until Becky turned to me and yelled, ‘MOM…BE QUIET.’  At that moment, I was displeased with an opposing player inching (rather feeting) himself nearer the Condor goal for a throw in.  I was justified.  Becky did not think so. After following Becky with her youth soccer through her high school varsity career, I am glad to know that I have not lost my enthusiasm.


The Condors played quite well.  For a novice team, I could see a lot of future potential as one player actually looked for a team mate before passing rather than kicking hard to an open down field, another player going after the ball rather than waiting for it to come to her, and kicks that were smartly directed.  Of course, there was the usual daydreaming in the area of the field that was seeing little action. 


The game was tense as one quarter after another ticked off with no goal from either team.  With about one minute left in the fourth, an aggressive Condor girl dribbled the ball all the way to the goal and took a successful shot. GOAL!  Within the remaining seconds, the opposing team had possession and drove to their goal having a split -second opportunity to tie the game.  Fortunately, for the Condors, that shot on goal went wide.  The Ref’s whistle blew.  The Condors won their final game of the season. 

proud coach
The Condors record was quite impressive:   4 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses. The losses being the first two games and the wins being the last four games…now, that is impressive improvement.

the WINNING Condors

 What an amazing way to end a season of fun and hard work!


And, as in true fashion of many sports…the coach got the 'water poured over the head' act of appreciation; several times, in fact.

Becky is a fabulous coach, as she is a fabulous daughter, farmer, waitress…anything that she sets her mind and muscle on.


It’s a good thing Becky does not take after her Mom.


Kudos Becky!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yard Tree Update

 My sugar maples...yep, totally naked!  Where has all that color gone? Oh yeah, see it on the ground silver maple is almost full green with a touch of gold.

Other colorful trees and vignettes of the day...

...beautiful golden ginkgo

...St. Mary's Wilderness peaking out from behind a russet woodlot

...a multitude of autumn leaves of a dogwood shrub, orange of the sweetgum tree, bright red of the crepe myrtle bush

Then, there is...
...hosta displaying a bit of fall
...a nest once hidden, now exposed on a branch of my sour cherry tree

...and, the final sweetness of a late raspberry or two - yummmm.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Sugar Maple Today...


...revealing its inner self; and, the beauty persists!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Is The Probability...


of having a bird fly into the house?


 I would venture a guess, slim to none but….


it did happen to us yesterday.


We have a full glass door in our living room that leads to the back deck.  This door has never been used, never been open since it was installed about 19 years ago.  About the only thing this door is good for is for me to glance out at my colorful party lights which outline the overhang, glowing in the darkness of the night or for the dogs to look in at us watching TV, again at night, mainly to remind me to feed them dinner.


Glenn and I decided that the door would eventually be removed.  Now, that he has a definite place to reuse the door, that task has been placed on the priority list.


Yesterday, Glenn opened the door to check out his future work at hand; the work to remove the door, storm door, and door frame; and, to permanently close the opening.   Within that same exact moment, a bird flew directly through the open doors, continued full flight through the length of the living room, and forcefully hit the window on the opposite wall. 


The bird was stunned. (Probably a good thing regarding the ease of getting the bird back outside - I could just imagine trying to chase a frantic bird flying throughout the inside of my house.)


I missed the event which was witnessed not only by Glenn but by Matt. 


While the bird was still in a state of shock, Matthew was able to collect the small feathered body in his hat and take it outside without incident.  Matt placed the tufted titmouse in a safe area away from the likes of both the resident cats and the resident dogs; both have been known to capture/kill unsuspecting birds from time to time.


Slowly, the bird regained its senses and soon vanished.


What an ordeal…


Just think how the bird must have felt!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Favorite Sugar Maple Tree



                 wind blustery, leaves flying, colors fading, and the ground pleasantly peppered

'What a difference a day la la la la la la laaaaa.'  Like I have mentioned many times before, relish the moment!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Road Trip



Glenn bought some old kitchen cabinets from a seller on Craigs List.  He made arrangements to pick them up yesterday.  I went along for the six hour, round trip drive.  After all, it is autumn and I have to absorb as much of my favorite month, in my favorite season as possible.


Glenn took back roads for our enjoyment; but time wise, made the trip longer.  We were on schedule to meet at our agreed upon time, but Glenn was not stopping for anything…meaning no photo taking on my part - ugh…I missed many good photos, which now are placed solely in the album of my mind.


Persimmon Grove - growing in the median of Interstate 81 - trees filled with small orange fruits


Dried Corn Fields - standing starkly waiting to be harvested as silage


Pumpkin Patch - filled with huge, orange pumpkins still on their vines


Turkey House - thousands of turkeys looking at us as we drove by


Towering Blue Ridge Mountains - just beyond the fertile farm fields of drying corn and soybeans


Since we both skipped breakfast, a lunch stop was in order.  We are both indecisive when it comes to choosing an eatery on the road.  Glenn remembered a barbeque place he had passed just two weeks prior and wanted to try, but he forgot the exact location.  We kept driving and we kept getting hungrier.  We noticed a small cafe when stopped at a red light.  In unison, we both said, ‘Let’s try it’.  The parking lot at the Thunderbird Cafe, located in the small rural town of McGaheysville, Virginia was packed - a normally reliable sign for good food.  The menu provided an array of delicious-sounding choices.  I had a Hank (pulled pork sandwich) and Glenn a pulled pork burrito with black bean relish; both dressed with wonderful flavors.  We plan to return.

unique and colorful artwork displayed on a wall of the Thunderbird Cafe

Less than two miles further down the road, we passed the barbeque place Glenn had been searching.  Now that he has noted the location, we will return. The drive continued.


Corn Maze - a fun place to spend a fall afternoon - not a quick stop if we get lost among the corn rows

13 Highland Court, Luray, Virginia - first apartment Glenn and I lived after being married and graduating from college (35 short years ago)

our apartment - first level (near front) and around the corner including the small addition

We passed through many small, rural villages; all displaying a quaintness and characteristics of a simpler era. 


I was expecting brilliant fall colors; but, this year seems to be one more muted with an occasional blazing tree.  Still…fabulous!


The return trip was a bit more leisurely.  Unfortunately, the sun was already low in the sky dipping to dusk and night quickly. 

"So many choices...."

We saw a soft serve open in another small town, Bentonville.  We decided on dinner-in-a-cone; a huge waffle cone filled with chocolate soft serve - yummy!


Lavender Farm - rows and rows of lavender plants -closed, but worthy of visiting on a future trip


I love the new route, the small Virginia towns, the miles of farmland, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  I plan to take this trip again…only at a slower pace. 


And, I plan to take lots of photos…my memory is not as good as it use to be!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bluebird Watch


Lately, early in the morning, I watch bluebirds active around our nearest (the one just feet beyond the living room window) bluebird box. 


Nesting…I think not; probably surveying the option for next spring.


Note:  I was able to quietly move within 10 feet of the bluebirds to get these photos.  Once I moved closer, they flew away.  When I retreated, they returned.  Most of the photos I took looked like this...