summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Not Your Traditional Holiday Lights

Glenn had been planning to burn the broom sage in the pastures at the Jonestown farm ever since we had purchased the property earlier this year.  Broom sage is not a desirable vegetative species food source for our cattle.  Unchecked, broom sage will spread more and more throughout the pastures with each passing year taking up more and more space where the essential and more palatable forages should be growing.

This property, prior to our purchase, had been leased for over a decade.  Renters usually do not give much thought nor much attention to improving the condition of the pastures they are renting.  Thus, the quality of grasses and the overall condition of the pastures decrease over time.  And, the broom sage increases.

Last night was the time to begin the eradication process.  The fire ban had been cancelled, the wind was negligible, the broom sage dry and hands-on-help was available.  Let the light show begin!

The closest neighbor to the burn site is actually a professional fireman.  He was anxious to help, but when zero hour arrived, he was called into work.  His last words to Glenn were, ‘Everything should be alright.’ These are ‘famous’ last words or, at the very least, words often shared prior to iffy situations.

I had no plans to help or even to attend the fireworks.  I get nervous, anxious and over-the-top excited, and not in a good way.  But, I relented to take a peek and to take a few photos for our farm journal.

I arrived at dusk and remained for over an hour as the night sky darkened to black.  The flames were so impressive in the absence of daylight. A fabulous show.

The flames grew and traveled following the contours of the ground, hopefully, leaving charred broom sage behind.  The blackness glowed a bright orange as the fires burned…wonderful Christmas Eve Eve lights. 

After nine p.m., I was still waiting for the fire crew to return home, hoping everything was OK.


To make a long story shorter, the fire department arrived because a neighbor claimed his barn was on fire…Not!  The firemen were ready to jump the fence with water hoses in hand to put out Glenn’s beneficial fire.  A fire burning on our property.  Glenn promptly yelled that they better not put his fire out.  The firemen left.

Today it is raining.  The ground and vegetation are wet. 

The burning was perfect timing on Glenn’s part.  His plans do not always work out so ideally. This time all the elements of a safe and efficient burn were present and worked to Glenn’s advantage.

Glenn one, Mother Nature….

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ready to Commit to a New Year's Resolution

The days surely pass so very quickly and I realize that I have not posted a new blog for what seems like forever...yes, forever is a long time.

So, that being said, I wanted to make mention, before any more time passes, that I am already planning my New Year's Resolution and I want to share it with you here, in the hope, to give me the incentive to follow through on the promise to myself.

My 2017 resolution, one of many I might add, is to post regularly to this blog.  The blogs might be a bit different than those I have actually posted over the years - they may be shorter stories, a simple recalling of a moment, or my usual long account - expect anything. Every day provides some kind of interest and I plan, resolve, to document that which is of interest to me and, perhaps, to you.

My other resolutions include, in no particular order: get healthier, lose some weight, spend more time with Snowball and Buddy, take time away from the farm with Glenn to explore and have fun, keep the gardens looking neat and trim, read more books, write more stories, practice painting - as in pictures, improve my photography skills,  keep in better touch with family and friends.  I am sure that this is not a complete list.  I know I will add more as the year progresses. There is something more I always want to do.

Notice the absence of 'increasing housecleaning hours'? 

Yep...that will never make my resolution list.  NEVER!

Kudos to those of you who are able to keep a well-tended home.