summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Equipment

Glenn bought himself a new farm toy. And, this is the reason I drive an old car.  Farm procurements take priority over most anything for me.  After all, I am a hermit.  Why would I need a newer, not new, vehicle? The answer is simple…I don’t!

A super-duper headgate/chute portable cattle working area.  Check this thing out.  This is how it looks when being transported.

a happy farmer

The first thing on arrival, Snowball christened the behemoth with a pee to the tire.  I guess this apparatus met with his approval.  After all, dogs are pretty easy to satisfy.

Over thirty years ago when Glenn and I bought our first Virginia farm, Glenn made his first headgate and chute out of wood.  It worked. Not well, but it served its purpose.  When we moved to our second farm, we had a metal headgate permanently attached to the end of a wooden chute.  Glenn constructed that chute as well.  The factory-fabricated headgate was an improvement for us.

Today, we own this totally transportable, heavy-duty metal complete cattle working area. The bells and whistles are amazing. This is a plus for us since we raise cattle on three separate farms.

The theory is that one person can work (attach ear tags, pregnancy check, castrate, etc.) livestock without any other help.  And, that person can work with ease…on a cow, on a bull and even on a calf.  Even, a getting old person…Glenn.

Although this theory has yet to be tested on our farms, I am sure it will pass the test.

 Just as long as I am not the one person working the livestock.

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