summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

summer greens at Mountain Glen Farm

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Squirrel and a Bird

Today was a great day for wildlife sightings, but not so for the photo documentation. 

I rarely see squirrels on our farm.  Woods surround our farm, but I seldom walk through the woods. Thus, my reason for the lack of my squirrel sightings.

Earlier, as I was looking out the window, I saw a large white critter sitting on a fence post.  Once I retrieved my camera, I could identify it as a squirrel.  I know photos taken through a window do not turn out very clear, but I wanted to take a shot. I was not very successful.

white body, red tail

Later in the day, I saw this same squirrel (the odd coloring is a definite give-away) leaping from tree branch to tree branch.  I was outside, but that squirrel was moving too fat.  More blurs.

blurry for sure, but you can see the color
Suddenly, a yellowy-orange bird landed on the fence just feet in front of me.  My camera was on telephoto mode, so I quickly tried to adjust to the proper focal length.  Too late.  That bird only stopped for a second.  I did not even have time to get a good look at identifying features except for the color and general size.  This bird was the same color as my entry way.  I call it mango.  Some may call the color marigold. The bird’s size was small.

I went to my trusty bird book and decided the bird could be either a yellow warbler or a prairie warbler.  Both are summer residents in Virginian.  On my second review, I decided the bird was a yellow warbler since the color was mostly the mango with very little black.

This is the second summer bird I have seen in as many days. 

It’s verified…spring has arrived.

But, the most exciting point is that I have never seen a yellow warbler before…until today, that is. Believe me...I would have remembered that gorgeous color.

A new bird to add to my check list – yippee, without photo docs – ugh. 

Tomorrow is another day with another opportunity!

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